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Information AND POLICIES



A deposit of $100 is required within 7 days after booking your trip.


Trip Cancellation

As long as you make an effort to cancel your trip within a reasonable time frame (1 week prior minimum), your deposit will be refunded. If the trip is cancelled by the Captain because of weather, etc. you will receive a full refund or it may be applied to a rescheduled trip.



We strongly believe in Catch and Release, which means we would like to conserve our fish resources by safely releasing any fish that is not kept for eating.  Of course it is your choice, and you are free to keep any legal fish.



Moderate drinking (wine and/or beer) is permitted as long as safety is not compromised.  The Captain has final authority over drinking and will terminate a trip (with no refund) if necessary.


Illegal Substances

Illegal substances of any kind (including underage drinking) will not be tolerated and the use will result in immediate termination of the trip with no refund.



Everything you will need for a safe and enjoyable trip will be provided - bait, tackle, etc.  The Captain will discuss the type of fish we will seek and the location, and please feel free to make any suggestions or requests - it is your trip and we will do our best to make it fun.  Please remember that it is called Fishing and not Catching - sometimes the fish just aren't there or aren't hungry.  We do our best but on rare occasions you may not catch what you seek.





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